Finding Our Sound

Happy Wednesday, ya'll. Hope you enjoyed a long Labor Day weekend filled with sunshine. If you didn't, I'm sorry. Sunshine will arrive again soon enough. So what's on my (our) mind this week? Well, a big topic of discussion between us has been Who is Rabbit Heart? and What kind of band are we? You'd think this was something we knew when we started. Actually, getting started was incredibly clunky and awkward. First of all, Ben is a drummer before anything else. He's most passionate about drumming, is completely self taught, and has been doing it for 20 years. But for us, he decided to mess around with guitar. He wants to get better at it and he is influenced by loud rockin' bands like Blood Brothers, These Arms Are Snakes, Queens Of The Stone Age, Murder City Devils, and Death From Above. I've always loved bluesy or pop vocal styles. Growing up I was obsessed with radio stuff like Christina Aguilera, Mariah Carey, and all the boy bands. But my mother's influence had me singing along to En Vogue, TLC, Madonna, Michael Jackson, and Pat Benatar. 

I've never played an instrument and have stage fright and infrequent panic attacks. Ben's passion for music sort of helped me start to put myself out there as far and singing in front of people. Somehow we ended up playing in a band called Tinker & Bang, which went nowhere.  In that band I was able to focus on more bluesy vocal styles that I was used to, and a little bit of pop. Ben was able to bash on the drums. After the band fizzled into nothingness, Rabbit Heart was born. Although technically, we had started writing a little before it became official. Before we really made the decision to make this "side" project into a legit band, we were just sort of messing around with melodies or jamming while a little tipsy and hit "Record" on the computer.

Although a couple songs in the beginning came out naturally and quickly, most of the other things we've written together have been somewhat frustrating. Frustrating because our styles are different and we aren't used to communicating what sound we are looking for. We spent many nights trying to force ideas out or not agreeing on what worked. We wrote songs that one of us loved, the other hated. Basically, it's been almost two years of writing while not really knowing the best way to write together. And the songs we have now...don't all seem to fit together cohesively. This makes sense, being new to this dynamic. But wait, it gets better I swear...

Well, it has gotten better. SO. MUCH BETTER. After all this time writing, recording, and playing out together we are finally finding our sound. We're finally getting a much clearer idea of what we want to sound like and who we are as a band. This is so...relieving. It's so nice getting on the same page, having the same goals, and getting much better at communication. I'm not a bluesy pop singer, that's just not me. Rabbit Heart isn't the band he's drumming in. He belongs on guitar for this. Rabbit Heart is a taste of Punk Angst with Garage Rock vibes. Songs that highlight our styles right now involve gritty bass and unconventional song structure. Although we've finished many recordings, we've agreed that our record will mostly contain new songs...songs that don't even exist yet.

Don't you worry, we're still going to release more singles and continue playing our songs out. We just want to make our record the best it can possibly be. We want to to reflect us and we want it to make sense as a whole. Patience and practice will make for a great record, and I hope you'll agree. We're both very excited to keep writing. in fact, we're probably not going to play out for a while after October. This means you've only a few more chances to see us for a while!! All of our upcoming shows are listed on Bandsintown, Spotify, Facebook, and Songkick. We've just ordered brand new shirts and will have some other merch available as well. RSVP on our event pages so that we know you're coming out! We can't wait to see you!

Now just because we're not going to book a ton of shows soon, doesn't mean we won't be here. We'll be making videos, re-vamping our website, and we'll still be blogging and sharing the process. Things are looking up. Rabbit Heart is only getting started!! So with that, I'll leave you with another throwback from July's open mic feature at Archie's Big Heads. Enjoy.


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