Evolving & Creating

Happy Wednesday, friends! If you're in the area you might also be sick of this shit weather we're having. But although it's shitty, I've been feeling deeply inspired. Ben and I have talked about how much we just want to focus on writing new songs and I'm really excited for whatever we come up with. That past two years have been full of self reflection and new perspectives. Our new songs will most likely express many of the inner workings of my thoughts and shifting mindset. I may also feel like diving into the past and analyzing how early experiences shaped who I am/was. But hey, there are plenty of places we can go in search of the right message or story for our music.

Something I hope for is to find people who can relate to our songs. I wonder how many people out there might connect with our insecurities or relationship struggles. I know we're not THAT original. 😹 I think it's important to be honest and I hope that someone will find comfort in our honesty. It's been a little strange lately...playing these songs that were written so long ago over and over again. Some of the feelings I had while writing no longer exist. It's interesting to be reminded of where I was when I first wrote it sang certain lyrics. I often reflect on the memories and the pain I had and think "Wow. Everything is so different now." And I'm different now. I'm not even the same person that I was a year ago. Crazy!

Alright, so before we take sort of a break to write new songs, we're goin go to be performing a couple more times. Tomorrow we're playing with our friends Bitchfork at Sweeney's! We met these guys at Archie's Big Heads in Hatboro, discovering a really incredible and unique open mic night. Laura hosts every Sunday night and it's always jam packed with legitimately talented people. Laura's enthusiasm for music is refreshing. We hope you'll come check them out after us tomorrow night. Show starts at 9pm and there's no cover, so you pretty much don't have an excuse to miss it. 😸 

That's all for now, folks. See you soon. 


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