Music music music

Hello!!! Music is EVERYTHING to us. Let's get into it. We're working on a single that will hopefully be released early September. I've shared the lyrics/meaning before on here. It's called "Cure For Misery" and it's really fun. We're also tweaking recordings of our songs Pity, 40 Ounces, and a song called 2016. Soon we'll make and release a video of some of Ben's recording and mixing. He's got a lot more to work on, and is helping me become better at everything musically. It's pretty awesome.

As mentioned before, we have another show coming up this month! I'm so happy to play at The Fire. Another local band called Midlife Crisis reached out for us to open the show, and we are really excited! We used to watch punk shows at The Fire when we were in high school. It also has a weekly open mic. I hope the turn out will be great, especially on a Friday night. Follow our Facebook page for event info!

Yesterday (Tuesday) we had a kickass time at SawTown's open mic. There was a LOT of talent in the house and the local paper (Northeast Times) was covering it. I'm so grateful for such a welcoming and artist friendly place to perform and meet other artists. Right in the Northeast! We had so much fun, and it seemed that everyone else who performed was just as loose and passionate as us. Music is seriously my therapy.

This coming Friday we will be at our favorite local bar, SawTown Tavern to play a few covers dedicated to Ghosha. (If you're not sure who Ghosha is, see our blog post from shortly after she passed away, HERE.) So this week on top of recording, we are also practicing these songs. Friday will be a music filled memorial party that she truly would've loved. See the event details HERE. We plan to play "Heaven" by Talking Heads, "True Colors" by Cyndi Lauper, "All My Lovin'" by The Beatles, and "Aeroplane Over The Sea" by Neutral Milk Hotel. It should be an emotional and beautiful evening.

The more we focus and play music, the happier we seem to be. Each part of our journey is fun and exciting. On that note, here is a video from our performance of "2016" at SawTown Tavern last month. Enjoy. Thank you.