Big things coming

What a summer. Our goals to play at least twice per month have been surpassed. We've made more friends and connections than I could've imagined. We ended up on the front page of our local paper. Oh, and we've fully recorded 7 songs already. 

I'll never stop expressing my gratitude for the other welcoming musicians and artists we've met and the business owners and friends or family members who continue to show us support.  This is the far better than we thought starting a music career could be. All the little things are adding up and helping us grow as a band. It's so awesome.

Friday night we opened a show at The Fire. From the sound engineer to the other bands and to the bartenders we were treated kindly. Midlife Crisis headlined with original songs and covers of punk songs we've grown up listening to. Mattress Food rocked out after us in the loud indie rock style I had anticipated. Hotbed kept everyone dancing their asses off. What a good time.

And just when we thought we were on a break, we booked a gig THIS Friday! We are so hype to play The Grape Room.  If you're not going to the beach, come dunno in an air conditioned rock venue and enjoy live local music for the night. You'll have fun, I promise.

 Soon we'll have another announcement or two but for now please make sure you're following us on Spotify/Apple/Bandsintown/Facebook/Instagram! We're trying to share as much as we can with you. Despite our social anxiety and insecurities at times, it really gets easier the more we put ourselves out there. Thanks for embracing us, Philly. See you Friday.


Heather RadcliffeComment