Music Meets Community

Happy Wednesday, friends! I'm happy to share what a lovely busy weekend we just had. Friday evening was so amazing. Many friends, acquaintences, and family gathered in SawTown Tavern to celebrate the life of Ghosha D'Aguanno. She played piano and sang for practically her whole life. She always encouraged others to get behind the mic, and supported them with harmonies and backup. She made everyone feel like a great singer with her kindness. Friday was filled with many songs that she loved to play, performed and also played through the speakers. You could see the type of people she attracted in her life are genuine people. I thought for sure we'd cry, and there were some tears throughout the night, but it was honestly such a happy and moving evening. I feel lucky to have known her and to have a community like the one growing at that place. It's more than just a bar. 

The type of support and artistry represented at SawTown is something I never knew I needed. To be around people that love the arts and who make you feel at home is really special. It's so nice to build connections with people I have met there. I wish that everyone could find a supportive community like this where they are able to express themselves fully, without judgement. I hope more people discover the power of the arts, especially music. If you're in Philly or the surrounding areas, I highly recommend stopping in for one of the many events happening at SawTown. By the way, we are also playing there for a great big night of performance art on September 22nd. Hope to see you soon.