Burned Bridges

See You Next Tuesday. If you haven’t already seen this title or heard us perform it yet, you can take a listen on Spotify, Apple Music, Band Camp, or our CD Baby Store. Whether played at an Open Mic night or show, the title alone usually grabs some attention. I hope it got yours, too. Before (or after) you take a listen, read on for the story behind it. You most likely can relate, because we’ve ALL known someone like this. At least one person. 

You may notice that our songs are generally straight forward with raw emotion. I’m not a fancy lyricist or poet and I’ve come to accept that. I appreciate beautifully written lyrics that can be interpreted in all different ways. I also love many songs that I don’t fully understand, yet they still speak to me. My own writing isn’t like that. My writing is typically more of a journal entry or an emotional unleashing. I spent so much of my childhood and young-adulthood bottling up emotion and expressing it through rage or spiraling into depression. I believe writing my thoughts down and turning some of them into songs has lessened those outbursts and spirals.

Anyway, back to See You Next Tuesday. Many years ago, I formed a relationship (non-romantic) with someone who appeared to be a kind, quirky loving person. In the beginning this person made me feel like a part of her family. She treated me well, was understanding, and I was happy to help her when she needed it. Over time, she began to reveal struggles in her life which led me to feel empathy and compassion for her even more. However, I started to notice red flags that tainted my view and trust. 

I started to catch lies, manipulation tactics, and some extremely sketchy behaviors that I can’t go into much detail about. Basically, she wasn’t the person I thought I knew and she completely took advantage of me and messed with my head. I also witnessed her treat others badly and I eventually just broke. I couldn’t take the mental games and the lies. I could not continue to stick around someone who would prey on good people and take advantage of them. She was and still is a truly corrupt and disingenuous human being. That’s what this song is about. It is essentially me screaming about what a mind-fuck this person was and it’s saying “Good Fucking Riddance”.

You’ll notice some lyrics are harsh and you might wonder if I really wish her dead. The answer is, no. I do not. When it comes to art, especially music, I think amping up the drama or saying what you feel in the moment can make for something truly passionate and relatable. I think we’ve all had horrible thoughts and we’ve all said hurtful things that we didn’t really mean. So this is just my way of expressing feelings that I truly no longer hold onto. But at that time, I did. I was angry. Through song, I found release. 

Feel free to let me (us) know your thoughts on this song. What do you like about it? Who in your life has made you feel this angry or passionate? I’d love to hear your story. See you next Wednesday!