Give Yourself A Break

Thank God it's almost Friday. But allow me to back track to last weekend. Last weekend I was reminded of how important it is to take a break once in a while. I feel like I've been so hyper focused on taking in information via podcasts and blogs, trying to keep up with social media for the band, while getting all of our goals and scheduling in order. Last weekend, we took a break. Friday was our 4th wedding anniversary, so we took a trip to Longwood Gardens and stayed in a lovely Air BnB for a night. We relaxed, we ate a great dinner, and we drank. It was perfect. I have an issue sometimes with over-booking myself and wearing myself out with plans and to-do lists, so it was nice that we were able to be a little spontaneous and just hang out.

Saturday we attended our twin nephew's birthday party and Sunday we had a lovely Father's day breakfast with my dad/family, then dinner with his family. Sunday night we also stopped by Archie's Open Mic because our friend Dale of Secret Base Life was the featured artist. Although we filled the weekend up as usual, this one felt far more relaxing. Everyone's gotta take it easy sometimes. Just get away from the normal craziness of your life and sit back. Take it all in and forget about everything for a night. I see an even more relaxing camping trip in the near future, too! Well, now that break time is over...

It's time to shift the focus back on writing and recording! Our next booked show right now is July 20th at SawTown Tavern. This leaves us some time to continue recording and writing. We've already begun recording three songs and writing two brand new ones. I'm so excited about everything we're working on, and I really hope that it resonates with you. I hope our music reaches someone (hopefully more than ONE..) who can truly relate or feel inspired. Whether it's the music, the lyrics, or all of it, I hope that someone out there connects with what we're creating. It's so cool to pour our hearts into's like therapy, honestly. All of our songs are written from our experiences, past or present.

So again, thank you for taking the time out of YOUR busy life to read what we're up to. I hope and believe the more we create and grow, the more interesting this blog will become. Thanks for being here while we figure this out. If you want to talk, "network", or just comment, please go for it. Enjoy your weekend & we hope to see you at our next gig!