Just the beginning! Show added!

Happy Wednesday! What a FABULOUS weekend we had. Speaking of weekends, we decided to start posting mid week as the weekends are generally unpredictable and I think Wednesdays are a nice time to give a little extra content to the world. I hope eventually more and more people might find the time whether bored at work, or while relaxing after dinner, etc. to read our little updates here. Back to last weekend...

Sunday was FUN. To play on that stage was really such a cool experience. (I hope that we'll play that main stage one day!) The most exciting part of the show for us was having a live drummer for the first time. Charles really did a kick ass job and we received the kindest feedback. We'll definitely keep him around as long as he is willing to play with us! I felt so much more comfortable & into the music with the drums...I guess because it was so full and energetic. I still felt a bit awkward when I first took the mic off the stand, but eventually found our groove. The drums were so loud I could hardly hear myself, but it didn't matter because we had such a good time.

Right now we're feeling ready to book a few more shows and continue writing and recording. It's really all so exciting to fully feed our passions and face any stupid fears or doubts that creep up. I think this band is really shaping us and teaching us so much. I'm pretty sure we've never been more excited for the future. We finally have GOALS that we believe in! While playing is important, we're also excited to start attending more local shows to make new friends. We want to be in the community and we want to surround ourselves with other driven musicians. If you're one of those people, PLEASE message us! Friend us! It's so important to build lasting relationships with a solid support system, no matter your passion. I'm so happy we've finally started.

Annnnnd... We have another show announcement! We'll be joining two other local musicians/friends Secret Base Life and Inconsistent Chatter on July 20th at SawTown Tavern! This lineup is awesome, I promise you. There's some excellent songwriting to be heard & d.i.y. merch will be available. There's no cover, and the drinks are CHEAP so we hope you'll come hang out and have a fun night with us. 

To wrap up, I want to share a few local shows coming up that include bands we've either found through facebook groups or met through open mic nights. If you support the Philly scene, or just enjoy live music in general, please check these guys out and go show them love.

SB Deluxe Thur 6/14 

Bitchfork Thur 6/14 

Ready Now Fri 6/15 

Midnight in Rome Fri 6/22 

See you next week!