Sunday Favorite: Whether Terrified or Unafraid by '68

Happy Memorial Day weekend, everyone! I hope you have at least one day off to relax, eat, and drink to your heart's content. Before I get into this week's song pick, I want to gush about a couple of things. First of all, Ben went out on a limb and messaged someone he knew way back [from high school] about playing some shows with us, because we would rather play with a drummer. His name is Charles, and he played in a few local punk/rock bands back in the days of sweaty house and church shows, where all the "cool kids" hung out. After catching up and sending over our recordings, we ended up getting together for our first practice on Friday. It was a great time! Because of the short notice, he won't be playing until the June 10th show at the Troc--so get yourself a ticket

We will have drum tracks with us for our first performance THIS FRIDAY. This Friday is so special to me because not only are we performing at our favorite local bar, but I'm actually showcasing my Photography. I'm so incredibly self conscience about it, too. See, I went to school for this, but I just didn't have the real passion or ambition to make something of myself with it. I've always loved it as a fun hobby, but can you believe I actually chose it over my first choice (music school) because I thought it was more PRACTICAL? Ha. Ha. Ha. Any Arts field is something that requires drive and persistence. Anyway, I'm very rusty and self-critical so don't be too hard on my work. :)

Yesterday I had the pleasure of seeing one of my best friends (since 1995!!) on her little break [from grad school in Washington, D.C.] Nicole is a delightful badass chick with whom I always have a great time. First we had a glorious Indian dinner and ended the night at Frankford Hall in Fishtown. It was fabulous. If you've never been, you should absolutely try the Kadai Paneer and Masaladar Chhola and Ekta, and play a game or split a gigantic pretzel and Frankfod Hall. What a damn good weekend so far!

Ok, so moving on to's "favorite" song is "Whether Terrified or Unafraid" by the band '68. Guys, this band is So. Good. Just. Good. So listen to this and go follow and listen on Spotify, while you're at it. Peace.