Haters Gonna Hate + Show Announcement

Hey guys! HOPEFULLY you've been keeping up on our social media platforms so you already know about our 2nd show at the TROCADERO THEATER! This is so exciting to me for multiple reasons. Our previous band didn't mesh as far as schedules and goals so that was discouraging. We wasted time with scattered shows over a few years and didn't really take initiative. To finally work hard on something and commit feels so good. It all started with business and music industry podcasts. One thing I am grateful for about my day job is that I can learn about anything I want while I work. So for many hours I'm learning from entrepreneurs and music industry experts as well as other musicians. Another thing that I'm grateful for is the internet! With patience and research, you can learn just about anything with the internet, and I don't think most of us realize how AMAZING that really is.

It's a slow long hard road ahead but ambition and drive makes it easier. Knowing with 100% confidence that anything is possible is what keeps us going. Speaking of slow, big picture it will appear to be slow but here's some truth that blows my mind: We started this project less than a year ago. We started this blog January, 2018. This year. And just from listening and learning on our own, we've already made new musician friends, booked our first two shows, and gained a handful of social media followers. This is only the beginning and I'm just overwhelmed at the possibilities. If you're a fan, a supporter in any way of our music we are so so so SO thankful.

As for the "Haters Gonna Hate" title, let me explain. If you are a person who doesn't accept old fashioned societal expectations (I.E. get a blue collar day job that you hate, start a family, retire, die.) be prepared to get push back. Be prepared to be told that your dreams are nothing more than dreams and that it's 1 in a million chance so you may as well give it up. Be prepared to be told that your ideal career won't ever make you any money. Don't expect anyone to take you seriously until many years of hard work have passed you by. Even then, there will always be bad apples that never had the bravery or drive to try so they will forever hate on your success.

One day, even if that day is very very far from now, we will be making an income off of music in SOME way. Believing that is the first step. WAS the first step. Thank you again for following along with our journey. It all may sound super cliche and cheesy but it's the damn TRUTH. Okay, enough of the "preachyness". You're an adult and you'll live your life how you choose, so let's get to the show...

We're playing the balcony at the Trocadero Theater in Philly on Sunday, June 10th. It's an earlier show so no worries if you have work Monday morning! We are trying to promote the shit out of this because we take it seriously. If you and any friends need tickets, please contact us through our Facebook page. We have hard tickets for $10 and are happy to meet up to get those to you. We are also running an Instagram contest so you can win a prize at the show! Check our Instagram (@rabbitheartrock) for more details and RSVP on the facebook event page and Bandsintown app. Cheers!