What's up motherfuckers! Today I want to talk about integrity. Now I realize it wasn't very integritous of me to call you all motherfuckers right from the start, but I do so endearingly. Lately I've been wondering why integrity is so hard to come by in the world. Why people don't exhibit it towards others, and don't seem to carry it within themselves. I recently heard a story of a woman I know. She was fired, and deservingly so, for being dishonest in her work. Work which is supposed to bring a positive impact into the lives of the people she serves.

It has me wondering why some people take the easy way out as often as possible? In that case, and in most cases, nothing prospered, no one benefited, and only disappointment comes out of it. I don't mean to preach as though I'm perfect, or act like I never fuck things up. I fuck up often, but I do my best to own up to it when I do fuck up. That is something that I think is key. Whether it's in a song, at my job, or just being on time for an appointment. I want to try to have integrity in all areas of my life.

I want to value others the way I feel I ought to be valued. This is not for any sort of selfish means, but rather because I feel that is the right thing to do. As kids most of us were taught about the Golden Rule at some point, but not everybody carries that concept with them into their adulthood. If you have integrity you will naturally want to do good for others, and in turn others will want to be good to you. Of course along the way we will still encounter people who don't uphold their end of this basic agreement for human interaction, but those people will wind up sucking shit in the end anyways.

Many of our songs are about people who lack this trait. People who are dishonest, people who take advantage of others, and even the ways we can let each other down. But other songs are about our own desire to be better on a daily basis, and to work hard (even when it feels like an impossibility) to make the life we want for ourselves and a positive difference in the lives of others. So to wrap things up, here is a song that isn't your typical song structure about being inspired to break through all the bullshit and try to live better and happier. It was written after a fun Open Mic night as more of a journal entry. One day after a few drinks I started playing guitar and Heather pulled out her notebook to try and sing along with this string of thoughts and it actually worked out pretty well. At least we think so. Enjoy.