Starting Over

Today I’m writing from the Pocono Mountains in a small town called Carbondale. We’re spending the weekend visiting my family, and it’s been a great time. I wanted to write before we make our way back to Philly, as I’m enjoying the cool morning and haven’t had the chance to feel bummed about leaving just yet. Usually I feel inspired to write when we take trips away from home. This weekend was different, I guess since we have been spending about every minute hanging out together. It’s nice to relax and just laugh with your family sometimes. Although I haven’t written this weekend, I do want to share something I wrote several weeks ago. We’re trying to finish working on two other songs, so it will be a while before this one is totally worked out and recorded. I doubt the lyrics will change; even if they do, it’s worth sharing today.

This one is called Cure For Misery. It’s going to be a gritty electric bass song with some gang vocals or shouting or something like that. I tend to write very simple and blunt lyrics. I’m not the most poetic writer, and I hope I do get better one day. This song is about feeling like I need to start over. And with this band, I am doing just that. It’s about being fed up with the typical 9-5, paycheck to paycheck routine I am currently stuck in. It’s about needing to make something out of myself. About being passionate and driven and unwilling to accept my own tired excuses. I also thought about other people I’ve met in my life, people who have potential and resources but are too afraid to take any chances. Some people would rather be comfortable then ambitious. Most people are too afraid to even try to do something exciting with their lives.

I think this is something that a lot of artists can relate to. We all need a cure for monotony (or misery). We need to do something that gives us purpose. If not, then what is the point, right? Tell me if you can relate. Tell us what gives YOU purpose. If you have links to whatever it is you feel passionate about, please share in the comments below! 


Think I’m ready for a new life

Need a change of scenery

I’m really not fine

What you get is what you see

Need a cure for misery


I’ll hit the ground runnin’

Hit the ground runnin'

Don’t tell me you know what’s comin'


Think I’ll pack it up tonight

Lookin’ for a destiny

This one’s not mine

Can’t feign complacency

Need a cure for misery


I know death is comin’

Know death is comin’

Don’t tell me, you should know…


Don’t you know what’s goin’ on

Living like a single mom

But you’re not tied to anyone

Use your time before it’s gone

I need a cure for…