Sunday Favorite: Lentil by Sia

Today's Sunday favorite is dedicated to two losses we faced very recently. First, the lovely Ghosha who we met at SawTown Tavern over year ago. Second, our own three legged pet rabbit Rigby. Today's song "Lentil" by Sia I believe was written after the loss of her own pet. It's a beautiful song, perfect to dedicate to both Ghosha and Rigby. 


I had never met Ghosha until the first night that we played together. A few songs into that night she asks me what my favorite early Beatles song is, and I said All My Loving. We played it perfectly right then and there, and every single week after. I thought it was a fun and easy weekly gig at the bar, but I had no idea how much it meant to her to have some accompaniment in her musical life again. I found out the night she passed away how much she appreciated what I was doing for her. I would have gladly played for the free drinks, but I learned that even on nights where hardly anyone came out she would ask the owner, Troy, for some money saying "I gotta pay the kid..." He told me she did this because what I was doing was valuable to her, and that she wanted me to value my talents. This was one of the nicest things that had ever done for me, and she did it in secret because she thought that my playing with her was one of the nicest things anyone had done for her. It's funny how you might not realize how strong a friendship is, and how you always think you will have more time to find out, but in the 16 months that I was lucky enough to have known Ghosha... I know that I made a friend that I will not soon forget. And I will miss her dearly.


was rescued three years ago. He was just a few months old and has brought so much joy to our lives. We wanted our older bunny Winston to have a friend, and we fell in love at first sight. This is the first pet of our own to pass away and it's been so much harder than we ever could have imagined. We'll miss him forever.