Short & Sweet

Good afternoon, everyone! So the past couple of weeks have been very busy. Ben has been recording and mixing an EP for our friend, singer-songwriter Giana Lynn. They've been working together to complete this record that was written and recorded in a few months, so it's down to the wire! In order to give him more time to focus on the record, we've taken a break from band practice and recording. That's why we don't have completed tracks or new videos just yet. That being said, it seems appropriate to share Giana's music and websites with you today.

You can find her on streaming platforms, all social media, and check out her YouTube channel! The EP will be released next week, so keep an eye out for that, too! She's got several gigs around the Philly area, and will be having a record release party soon. So enjoy something a little different this week by listening to Giana. Enjoy your evening!