What’s Happening?!

I truly cannot believe it’s MARCH already! It feels like time is flying by, so today I’m going to talk about what has been going on with Rabbit Heart, and what is to come. As you may know, we’ve finished recording two new songs titled Needs (watch an acoustic version here) and Pity. Once the mixes are complete, we will share them with you. With both songs we definitely worked very hard and played around with vocals. Recording is so much fun! We’re hoping to invest in some video equipment in order to share more behind-the-scenes and announcement videos with you. I’m really hoping to start out with getting a new camera this month; it is my birthday month after all! 

As soon as these two tracks are released, we will begin recording two more songs we’ve written this year. I’m so happy that writing together seems to feel more comfortable and easier the more we work together. Last week I began writing a few lines and we almost completed the song by Friday! The great thing about writing so much is that we will have a nice chunk of songs to play with and to choose from for our record. As though all of this isn’t enough, we are also planning a few covers for our YouTube channel. If you follow us on Instagram you’ll know that we’re currently learning Burn The Witch by Queens Of The Stone Age. If you have any cover requests or ideas, please share with us!

Over the next several months we’ll also be making appearances at local Open Mic Nights, doing Facebook Live performances, and releasing videos for our YouTube channel. We have a lot of ideas and goals, but things can and will always change. No matter what, this year will be filled with music and fun. 

So to summarize…


What We’re Doing:



Learning Covers.

What’s To Come:

New Songs.

Cover Videos.

Live Videos.

Live Shows.


I'm so excited for all that is to come. To end, I'm happy to remind you that our music is now available on streaming platforms such as Spotify, Amazon, and Apple Music. Give us a follow! Happy Sunday!