Sunday Favorite: Big News

Ever since I heard this song for the first time 14 years ago it has been an anthem to me. The message resonated with me even at sixteen when I only worked part time, and rung myself up for cigarettes at Eckerd. It has been a song that stayed in my mind through any of the shitty jobs I've worked at ever since. I am fortunate enough to actually like my current line of work, but deep down theres definitely still time where I get sick of putting other people's needs. This is These Arms Are Snakes' middle finger to 40 hour day jobs... it's called Big News.


When the sun came up on the small block of the city, we needed to find somewhere to drink
Through five days of working and two left to our person, we all needed sometime to breathe
So use your body as your engine for your weekend because this is no time to sleep
I want to create, I don't want to be constricted
I'm sick of working all the time for someone else's needs
So give me some kind of section for my protection
What is this doing to me?
I've got a life and desires, and it's more than to retire
I trust there's more in a life to lead
I want a minute with my woman and an hour outside this city, and I don't care what you expect of me
No, I don't care what you expect of me
I want to detach this from me
If life is a movement, and I feel like not moving, then what is the sense of giving all of your time away?
I want to go out into the streets, I want to drown myself in the night's touch
I'm never going to sleep again, till the day comes to collect my sin
"Just take me home
It's not worth the effort
Just take me home"
I've spent many nights in this very city
It was worthless last time, and it will be this evening
Thank you and goodnight