Rabbit Heart

Hello again, friends! Here goes another week. Don’t worry, that day off will come around again in no time. There’s always something good to look forward to, right? *says someone who constantly day dreams about quitting her day job because her soul is being crushed every day…* Anyway, if you follow us on social media (Facebook/Instagram) you may have noticed a few pictures here and there involving rabbits…this made me think it would probably be a good idea to explain the name Rabbit Heart

If you are in a band you might know that coming up with a name is really irritating and difficult. Especially with more people, nobody wants to agree. The worst part is that most of the “cool” ones are already taken. Ben and I were not great at coming up with a name; I remember lots of googling and lots of making fun of the other persons ideas. At the end of the day, I just started writing a list based off of things we are both into, and song titles by artists that we both like. Rabbit Heart has both of these elements. It is the title of a Florence + The Machine song, it just so happens to sound kinda cool, and fit perfectly with us.

We have two little bunny rabbits that we adore. Rabbits are our favorite animals, so much so that Ben decided to use Wild Rabbit Recording as his freelance audio business name. So of all the brainstorming, this name made the most sense to us. We also made sure to google it on all media platforms. You’d be surprised by (or maybe not) how many artists on Spotify have the same names, and their music does get mixed up. So all roads led to the name Rabbit Heart. We like it, and we hope you like us. Have a lovely week!