Pain in the Heart, and the Ass

So a long while ago Heather and I were standing outside of our usual bar with our friend's acoustic guitar. The result was this song which Heather calls Needs... I prefer to call it Pain in the Heart, and the Ass. Whatever it's called it came from a fairly simple beginning, hell, we even made a video of us playing it outside in the park. So, naturally, I brought that simple approach to the recording of this song. Sure we might record in our basement with only eight microphone inputs, which provides certain limitations, but I like to stay pretty basic most of the time anyway.

I'll get to some details about the recording in a minute, but first I wanted to talk a bit about the writing process of the song. As I already said we began to put this song together outside SawTown Tavern on Princeton ave. Heather sang me some lyrics that she wrote during a tough time in our relationship, and I began to figure out how to accompany her melody. From there we could easily see the direction the song would be taking which was a good sign for us as we  rarely see eye to eye in the writing process. So we laid off the heavy guitars for a minute, and picked the tempo up some, and let the song naturally take shape piece by piece. However many hours, and takes later we're pleased as punch to finally share this recording with you all!!

(Gear nerds, recording enthusiasts, and everyone else... this section is for you!!)
I stuck with my go-to setup of six microphones on the drums (one mic per drum, and a pair of overhead mics) which I actually positioned a couple feet behind my head. I hung a common Shure SM-57 down the front of my amp, plugged in a Fender Stratocaster, and got down to business. The bass was recorded through the same amp with a Shure Beta-57, and the lead guitar in the bridge was an AKG C-214. That same mic was used on all Heather's vocals as it's the only model of large diaphragm condenser that I own, and I shouted into a Beta-57 held in my hand. Lastly, I used the acoustic guitar track from the video we made in the park for the hell of it. Throw in some eq, compression, a healthy dose of saturation, and a bit of light trickery on the bridge harmonies... and there you have it!! Pain in the Heart, and the Ass (or "Needs" or whatever.)

Thanks for your time,

Heather RadcliffeComment