Exciting news!

Hello again! Today I’m so happy to share our very first full-length YouTube video! We’ve tried taking a few in the basement which is cluttered and has low lighting. Needless to say they did not turn out great. On top of that, my phone isn’t very good quality. I’m hoping that we can invest in a decent enough camera and video light by early Spring, in order to release videos regularly. In the meantime, we were blessed with a nice day (in January!!) and Ben’s amazing sister Rachel recorded this video of us. As mentioned a couple weeks ago, we just started recording this one titled “Needs”. Ben plays electric guitar and drums so the recorded track will sound quite different than this acoustic version. (Notice he’s playing our 8 year old nephew’s guitar for this one, too!) We hope you enjoy it! If you do, please Like/Share/Subscribe on our YouTube page. Thank you and enjoy your Sunday!