Sunday Favorite

And yes, I am a feminist
But that isn’t why I started doing this
And sometimes I am full of bitterness
But I am trying to work through this...
— Deap Vally, from the album "Femijism"

Happy Sunday, again! Today we’re starting a new blog feature called Sunday Favorite. On the last Sunday of each month, we’re going to share a song we’re been enjoying throughout the week, month, or day! You’ll see that our taste in music stretches across many genres and time periods. As musicians and music fans, we think it’s important to seek out new music (or old music that we never quite appreciated in the past) and to share it. Hopefully you will enjoy some of our picks, and maybe discover something different. You may even see a few cover videos in the future.

Today I’m sharing a song by a band I came across last year called Deap Vally. These ladies kick so much ass on every song, but this is the first one that caught my attention. What I get from it the most is that women just want to be people. And women in bands are sick of being asked about what it’s like to be a “female” musician. It sounds as though this duo would really like to just talk about music without gender being at the center of every interview or conversation. Enjoy.