Getting To Know Us Part II

Hey everyone, I’m Ben, I’m the musician/engineer of this outfit. I am 30, if you’re interested in that, but I guess I will just tell you all about my history with music. My oldest brother, Vince, played drums in a punk band called One 21. I grew up going to his shows, and when I was in fourth grade my dad asked if I was interested in taking drum lessons at our church. I took lessons on a snare drum for about two years before I started to take it more seriously in sixth grade. I made a make-shift kit in our basement comprised of old and spare gear that Vince had lying around and i played it every single day. This is how began to figure out that music was something important to me, and in 2000 my Dad took Vince to Sam Ash to pick out my first real drum set.

I spent the next two years bashing my heart out, and also began to learn bass by playing along to tabs before picking up the guitar. I began to start figuring things out by ear by listening to One 21 records, and records of other bands I was discovering at the time. Bands like The Murder City Devils, mewithoutYou, and These Arms Are Snakes to name a few. I spent seven years winging it before getting a little bit of structure in my guitar playing. I began taking lessons with One 21’s former guitarist, Kris Klein, for about six months before he decided that he would no longer be giving private lessons. He put me in contact with a friend of his, who happened to be a big influence of mine, mewithoutYou guitarist Mike Weiss. I studied with Mike and participated in recitals at his house where I was fortunate enough to play music with members of a band that is still important to me today. It was one of the best experiences of my life, but after two years I was ready to move on to the next stage of musical development.

I moved to New York for a year to study audio engineering at the Institute of Audio Research in Greenwich Village. I met a lot of friends, and learned a great deal about the art of recording and music production. These are just some of the experiences which have had an impact on my development, and my love of music. As for my relationship with Heather… What could be better than being with someone who shares the same passion, and ambitions as you? What better friend could there be to create all this fucking racket with?