Post title? We don't need no stinking post title!

Holy shit, and adios... That was quite a September!! What's new? Bunny surgery, a couple birthdays, a couple shows, a little melt down, a couple floods, and a nifty little work bonus that will be invested into the band!! What's next? Less shows, more writing, more recording, new pictures, and revamping our podcasting approach. 

We've been wanting for a while now to expand on our catalog, and get back to writing up a whole new crop of material that we can be proud of. Then we will see which of our current songs go well with newer songs, or vice versa, and decide what we want to do from there. We recorded a few podcasts last month as well... Turns out recording during long drives, while fun, is not as good of an idea as we had hoped because they sound like absolute shit. If nothing else it gave us an idea of what we are going to discuss when we sit down and talk indoors into real microphones like everyone else does. So get ready for some rad as fuck content coming your way in the coming months. 

And speaking of real life gear that doesn't sound like shit... Let's talk about this bonus that will be invested into the band!! I'm going to buy a new guitar!! I'm not fully decided on what guitar I want yet, but the frontrunners until yesterday were an Epiphone Casino, or an Epiphone Goldtop Les Paul with P-90s. These have proven to be a bitch to find in a store where I can test them out before I buy. All I know for sure is that after only having humbuckers for 15 years I want to get some single coil pickups. So since no one is carrying the others in store I decided to try a Fender Telecaster, and now it's back to the drawing board. I'm also going to be putting cash birthday gifts towards repairs on my guitar, and bass, as well as a reverb pedal since my amp's reverb just shit out on me. 

So there you have it! "Good times, bad times, you know I've had my share..." So until next time share us with your friends. 


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