Happy Halloween!

Holy shit it's the end of October already! Time actually flies! But before we talk about my favorite holiday, a little recap:

Saturday we played at Kutztown University for a small music festival. It was cool because it featured local bands and was student run. The weather put a bit of a damper on it, but some people did stroll through. I think most of the college kids may have been at the football game instead, but at least it was practice, right? 

For some reason I got severe stage fright for a bit. It just happens sometimes and I still don't know how to fight it. Sometimes I think I get more afraid to perform when it's a noticably small turnout in a bigger space. I just feel so small and uninteresting. I feel afraid I'll notice people that aren't interested in us because there's such a tiny crowd. Of course being at a new space is terrifying the first time too, because it's outside my comfort zone.

Enough of my lame struggles. After the show we had some great tacos and headed over to a friend's house for a Halloween celebration. Sunday was a great day to bowl and drink for another friend's birthday. And to end the weekend, we headed to the Archie's Big Heads open mic night featuring our friend "Metal James". It was another busy exhausting and fun time. 

Yesterday felt more like Halloween somehow. Maybe since the weekend was so exhausting and I was re-charged Tuesday night.  Anyway, I went all out with my costume and we had an excellent time at SawTown's open mic night. The bar is beautifully decorated with spooky stuff and the music was entertaining as usual. I just love this time of year!

Today a lot of co-workers and myself dressed up for our little Halloween lunch/employee appreciation. I ate wayyyyy too much candy but it was worth it. The plan was to watch scary movies tonight but I am literally beat. Probably crashing from that sugar high. But looking back on the trip to Terror Behind The Walls, Peddlers Village, and watching spooky stuff on TV has really got me in a good mood right now. I just love this season!  

Sooooo now that we've got no more shows booked right now, we'll spend more time at home writing and holiday time with friends and family. I hope we will figure out a decent schedule and have new stuff to share soon. Stay tuned for our next single "Cure for Misery" and new photos! Keep having fun and working hard, friends. We'll see you soon. 


P.S. Enjoy some photos including my costume!! 


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