Time To Re-Charge

Hello. Tonight’s post is coming at you later than usual because I have not had my shit together. On top of all the juggling and poor time management skills, the last couple weeks I’ve been working longer hours and yet still trying to do a thousand other things. When will I chill and reassess my damn life? This weekend, THAT’S when. I swear. I’m forcing myself to chill out and savor some sweet alone time. I cannot wait. In fact, I am taking a long weekend and I may go see a movie by myself or something. I just need to recharge, goddammit! Don’t we all? Moving on from my bitching…

Last weekend was jam packed (as usual) with music and art! We did an impromptu acoustic set for First Friday, and got a nice response to our Nirvana cover (About A Girl). I smell a video coming soon. Speaking of video, on Sunday we had our first official pro Band Photoshoot! She also grabbed some video for a future promo! I connected with a SUPER talented photographer, Jordyn, thanks to the Philly DIY Collaborative Facebook group and I’m just dying to see the photos. As awkward as we are, I know they’ll be damn good. I’m super pumped about building more relationships with various artists/creatives just like her.

On Saturday we attended our friend’s CD Release Party. Bitchfork put on an immensely entertaining show filled with the best rock & roll fuckery & fun I could’ve hoped for! Opening up the show was a band called Agent Moosehead and the always fabulous Space Pizza. Despite my lack of sleep and long ass days, I truly enjoyed it all. And that’s why I’m constantly exhausted, huh? Because I really love filling my off time with things I enjoy and being around fun people and watching fun shows. It gives me life.

And while I take a much needed “break” from all of the things I overwhelm myself with, I will still make time to practice! Ben and I have officially written one new song so far, and I REALLY dig it. We finished it (although we will probably add to it or tweak it…) Monday and it’s still stuck in my head. I am super excited to share it with you when it’s ready. We’ll also be practicing for our next show which is just a couple weeks away! Another member of the Philly DIY group is putting together a small music festival for her school (Kutztown University!) and we’re lucky enough to join the lineup. I’m equally excited and nervous to meet the other locals because they’ve been in the scene longer and I haven’t met most of them yet. But I know it’s gonna be really fun.

So that’s pretty much all I’ve got to ramble about for today. I hope you hard working folks take a damn break once in a while and enjoy some peace and quiet with yourselves. As always, thank you so much for reading and listening. See you soon.