A Song About Greed


Happy Sunday, friends! I truly hope you’ve had a wonderful weekend. Today I’m sharing our second released single called “Opulence”. The lyrics to this song seem to line up pretty well with today’s political insanity, however my mind was elsewhere when writing this. As I’m sure many others know, it’s incredibly difficult to make ends meet and support ourselves in this economy. Over and over again I felt like Ben and I were getting screwed financially, and despite our best efforts, we just couldn’t (and still do not) make a decent living wage. We are slowly paying off debts and struggling to save for a (probably 1 bedroom) place to live, all while feeling beaten down each time something else comes up (and we have to scrape away at our savings).

Thankfully things ARE getting better. We are both working harder and trying to be more patient. Most importantly, we’re trying to make music, the thing that gives us purpose, a priority and an income generator. All in good time. I just wanted to share that at the time of writing this, things felt really, really bad. I’m certain it felt worse than it was, as people who deal with depression tend to beat themselves up harder and focus only on the worst. That being said, check out my lyrics below and take a listen. Even if you’ve heard it before, we’d love your thoughts. Personally, my mind was dwelling on the fact that I was in a miserable place, working at a dead end job. I was making someone else rich when I could hardly pay my bills. And all I could think was about how the rich only get richer and greedier. Enjoy!


They wanna feed - You gotta eat

They wanna keep starving you

They think you’re weak - Know what you need

They’re gonna keep starving you - Starving you


All that we were promised seems so far away

No one’s being honest

Life feels like a waste


They know your name - They’ll show their face

They’re gonna keep playing with you

They better pray - You’ll make ‘em pay

There’s nothing left to lose


All that we were promised seems so far away

No one’s being honest - Life feels like a waste

Wolves are out to get us - Hunting us like prey

Most evil intentions - Got to run away

Finer things are given to the wicked


(Chorus/Everything is given to the wicked)