One Step At A Time


Hello again, you kick ass people who care to check in! I’ll probably repeat it a lot, but THANK YOU so much for giving this site a chance, and our music a listening to. You are AWESOME. This week, I want to share a few things I’m learning as we work. First of all, schedules aren’t always set in stone. I’ve made up a beautiful calendar for us to follow, dividing up our time outside the 9-5 jobs we have. Of course, unexpected things come up, technical difficulties ensue, and sometimes the creativity or motivation just isn’t right. This is something I’m trying to be patient with.

I’m also learning that it’s better to spend more time on a song then to rush-release it. Now, I don’t want to over-do it like some artists. I’ve learned from many music professionals (via podcasts like D.I.Y. Musician Podcast) that you’re NEVER going to be satisfied, and working on the song too much can drive you crazy—just get it out there! So, Ben and I have been working on recording this song for many weeks now—title to be determined but I’m going with “Pity” for now—and it’s been a little frustrating. We both like it a lot, we’ve talked about several ideas, but it’s taking a lot of work. I changed the chorus a few times. He added and took away a guitar part. We messed around with layering and some harmonies. All sounds pretty basic but somehow it just seems to take so long.

I decided that we needed a break from it yesterday. I told Ben to just take the parts/takes he’s most happy with and do a rough mix. Then we’ll both listen and make FINAL decisions to get the song done. The end. So, we started recording ANOTHER song yesterday! And that was fun. A breath of fresh air. We didn’t get too far with very limited time, but I’m pretty confident this song will be done pretty quickly. It’s more of pop-punk vibe. (Listen to a teaser below!) This process of writing and recording is pretty new to us (more so, me.) and it’s really interesting. At first, writing together was a little hard and awkward at times but we’re definitely finding our groove. We both hope that our work and talent shows as much as possible through each song. 

If you’re having a hard time with creating or working on something, just remember to take it one step at a time. Take breaks. Gather your thoughts. Take a walk like I did yesterday! And with that I will say it again, THANK YOU for checking us out. Please let us know your thoughts in the comments, or check out our contact page to email us. Kick off your week with a good record. Peace!