A song to start your week


What a week! Our plans to work on music every single day have been in full effect so far. I’m sure we’ll want to take a break eventually, but we’ve got wonderful momentum. While Ben focuses on the instrumentation and mixing, I’m constantly trying to decide between different vocal ideas. I’m always working on harmonies, ad-libs, layering, etc. I’ve also been known to change lyrics and melodies after hearing them recorded. I must say, Ben is either incredibly patient or he just loves what he’s doing so much that it’s actually fun for him. I’m gonna go with that!

Something you should know about this project is that Ben is the main genius behind the music. He’s been playing for over 20 years, all self taught. As if the playing skills weren’t enough, he also went to audio school in New York City. Now, he’s not only working on our stuff, he’s always looking to free-lance with other artists. I personally couldn’t do the mixing end of things because it’s far too tedious for my A.D.D. brain. I’m so thankful that he loves it!

Today I’m happy to share a single we released not too long ago called See You Next Tuesday. This song is bass driven, and simply gritty and angry. (Our Spotify profile isn’t quite ready yet, so I’ll leave the band camp link below.) The lyrics and feeling of this track were inspired by someone from my past who I truly believe is an evil human being. I loved recording this because it just felt like I could release all the tension and anger I had. I let it go through this song, and even amped up the drama with the lyrics. Hope you enjoy it! Feel free to comment!