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Rabbit Heart is made up of husband and wife Heather and Ben Radcliffe. We were born and raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Ben has over 20 years of experience playing drums and over 15 years playing bass and guitar. He received a certification from the Institute of Audio Research in New York City, which led to recording out of their home and on-location under the name Wild Rabbit Recording. I [Heather] am a self-taught singer/songwriter and have an Associate's Photography degree from Antonelli Institute in Erdeheim, PA. I look forward to learning how to play the piano (or guitar) and read music in the near future. We compliment each other well, creating a unique sound and writing songs drawn from real experiences and varying perspectives.


Bringing raw emotion to the surface with direct, cutting lyrics and fierce energy.


What we do…


We write gritty rock songs infused with soul and punk elements. After a few years of playing music and writing with others, we hit various hardships in our lives and strains on our relationships with each other and former friends. Naturally, this inspired new material that needed to be expressed differently. We are here to share our lives within the writing process and throughout the growing pains of becoming professional artists. We write, record, and perform hoping to connect with people all over the world. Our music tells true stories of hardship, love, loss, and trying to make the most out of this short life. Hopefully you’ll see us authentically and you can relate to some of our weirdness and experiences. Never hesitate to reach out.


We’re just getting started…

Join us on our journey in the world of music.


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